Trash The Dress Shoot in Hertfordshire

Trash the Dress Photo Sessions is the hottest new trend in wedding photography and you can now experiment it here in Welwyn!
Come on all you former brides and divorcees its about time you joined the new craze of deliberately wrecking your once treasured bridal gown. Its crazy and fun and also known as rock the frock !!! What a great time today with former bride Melanie from swinging around to running crazy through the woods to pouring leaves all over her gown.

What is a Trash The Dress photo session?

“Trash the dress” is a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant clothing with an environment in which it is out of place. The term trash the dress basically means that you are willing to do anything in the dress without fear of it being ruined (i.e. dirty, dusty,wet, or possible torn in some small area). Is a great opportunity to even get more creative with your photos!
Trash the dress photography sessions often take place on a beach, but other locations include woods, city streets, rooftops, garbage dumps, fields, and abandoned buildings. The woman often wears a ball gown, prom dress or wedding dress, and may effectively ruin the dress in the process by getting it wet, dirty, or, in extreme circumstances, tearing or destroying the garment. But you don t really have to trash the dress if you don t want to, though you can get a little risky with it, like splashing in water or riding horseback in the snow since the fear of getting it dirty is over.

Are you ready for your Trash The Dress photography session? You can find more ideas here:

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