Hertfordshire Humans – Just Being

Do you live in Hertfordshire? Got an interesting tale to tell about your life – and a motto to go with it? At Stay Focused, we are looking for volunteers for an exciting visual-led project called ‘People of Hertfordshire’ (inspired by the social media phenomenon and photo blog, Humans of New York). Got the laughter lines that reveal a lifetime of adventure? Expressive eyes that tell a thousand tales? We want to know your life motto. Male, female, any age, any look, we want to photograph you on the streets of Hertfordshire / at your home or at work. Please message me at hoeytom777@aol.com with your name (or nomination of someone), life motto, why it’s important to you and where in Hertfordshire you’re based. Please also send a photo – then we’ll be in touch. If chosen for the project, you’ll receive a copy of the photograph taken.

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