Night Photography

Tips for night photography:

Try to keep yourself invisible, always make sure the torch is aimed at the subject, and that you do
not illuminate yourself,(Wear dark clothing – that helps too.
• Keep moving during the whole exposure. Don’t stand in one place for more than a couple seconds
or you will show up as a ghost in that spot.
• Don’t aim the torch back towards the camera, as it will show up as ‘bright spots’ in your shot. Keep the
light moving the whole time so as not to create any harsh lines or bright spots. Try to make outlines of
the shape of the subject or parts of it. Discover what works for you.Knebworth
• For a more defined look, you might consider getting
in REALLY close to the subject. About 1-2 feet
away from the subject. Keep moving, and keep
your light moving and you will not show up in the
• For a broader more even light keep the torch beam
wide and stand back from the subject more (4-8
feet) and light it from the side to create a nice cross
light and texture.

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