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What an amazing few hours I had meeting one of youngest pilots in the UK along with the oldest pilot. Kieran Satchell was only 11 years old when he asked his mum…’how old do I need to be before I can fly a plane?’ …Kieran not happy with his mums answer of ’18’ went off and did his own research and found out information on Panshanger Aerodrome..determined he got his dad to take him to the aerodrome…Kieran then saved up his pocket money and used it to buy his first flight experience flight ..he was totally hooked at the age of 12…over the next few years Kieran worked away earning money for flight vouchers at Panshanger…and used all his pocket monies to pay for additional lessons. During this time he met Ted Barrett who is the oldest pilot in the UK aged 97 now .. Ted took him under his wing giving Kieran encouragement and guidance. When Panshanger Aerodrome closed in September 2014 Ted suggested to kieran to continue his lessons and fly out of Hunsdon Airfield .. Ted then introduced keiran to his instructor…Reg Barber….Kieran won a bursary from BMAA and proceeded to gain his pilots license at the age of 17 …so keiran as one of the youngest pilots in the uk made sure that Ted was his very first passenger .. ‘upside down or straight and level , it’s all fun to me’ is kieran’s  motto.

Ted Barrett and Kieran Satchell – Oldest and youngest pilots in UK


Kieran (1 of 1)-26

Ted first helps Kieran in 2014…………..now 97 years of age Ted is still helping and encouraging Kieran

Kieran (1 of 1)-6 Kieran (1 of 1)-9 Kieran (1 of 1)-10 Kieran (1 of 1)-19 Kieran (1 of 1)-22 Kieran (1 of 1)-23 Kieran (1 of 1)-29 Kieran (1 of 1)-30 Kieran (1 of 1)-34 Kieran (1 of 1)-36 Kieran (1 of 1)-37 Kieran (1 of 1)-41 Kieran (1 of 1)-48 Kieran (1 of 1)-51 Kieran (1 of 1)-53 Kieran (1 of 1)-57 Kieran (1 of 1)-62 Kieran (1 of 1)-66 Kieran (1 of 1)-69 Kieran (1 of 1)-71 Kieran (1 of 1)-74 Kieran (1 of 1)-75 Kieran (1 of 1)-77

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