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My 4th hertfordshire human is a Joe Strong and frankly he is a inspiration to us all….I asked Joe to write a paragraph about himself …read on….Joe’s Motto – “Trust the Process” – I feel like it is important to recognise that results don’t always come naturally, instead we have to focus on the process and those supporting us and results will eventually come.

May18 (1 of 1)-9

From when I tried to use a sprint start on sports day in primary school, there was always a hint of the sportsperson in me. However, for someone with Cerebral Palsy, a disability which effects the movement of my muscles, becoming a sprinter was a bit of a surprise. All throughout primary school, I had played sports with everyone else, with the avenue into disability athletics only coming in Year 8, when my PE teacher Mrs Mitchinson to a few of us to a Paralympic legacy event. This introduced me to my first coach, Ros, who gave me the opportunity to compete nationally from Day 1. Eventually after 3 years of hard work, I was given the opportunity to compete for England at the CPISRA World Games in 2015 where I won 3 Gold Medals and a Silver. 2016 was a year in which I did not see any progress and led me to change coaches to Jake, my current coach. The training environment I am in now has led to PB’s of 14.45s over 100m and 30.44 for 200m, which was good enough for 1st Worldwide for Under-18’s and 14th at senior level.

…..Thank you Joe for sharing this and I am sure people will be motivated and inspired reading this.May18 (1 of 1)-23


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