Family Photoshoot

Family Photoshoot in Autumn can be perfect for a family photoshoot – the light today was great and the colours perfect. This is Celia , she is from Spain , she is very cute and photogenic in my opinion. Today was so lovely with the sunshine and beautiful light shining through the foliage that i decided to offer my lovely Spanish neighbours a photo shoot for her daughter. I do like Paella and Rioja of course and that lovely home made bread that Maria makes…yum yum….hint hint…..isn’t photography the best invention ever !!!! Come one everyone go and buy a decent camera and get snapping its so much fun and rewarding. If you want any pictures like this of your family be quick as my foliage is starting to droop……….

The light is just wonderful as it beams through the garden foliage , the bright reds and greens are just perfect. Celia was a great model with a wee cheeky face dont you think !!??













2 thoughts on “Family Photoshoot

  1. Great pictures, lovely model and stunning autumn colours.
    Without a doubt I would give you a try in the case of being closer. By the time I visit Maria again, I’m afraid there won’t be those wonderful colors, but others for sure. Each season has its own, and as I can see you have a good eye to fetch them. I like Rioja and paella too buy I’d also enjoy drinking a lovely pint of Guiness round the corner with my dear friend Maria afterwards.

  2. Really nice pics and stunning autumn colours. Great job! A good match: Rioja, paella and a well done photographic work. I should consider visiting María before the foliage falls, to be taken some of the wonderful photographs you show on this web. What’s the deadline? [P&M]

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